Meet Our Model: Deadra Daye

July 19, 2015

It's hard to believe this blonde bombshell is only 20 years old! Don't let her 5'1 petite frame fool you, our model has a huge personality. Deadra Daye shares her dream job, makeup essentials and favorite era in our Meet Our Model interview. 
S: How long have you been modeling? 
D: I've been modeling for about 5 years now.

S: What do you like most about modeling?
D: I love the feeling I get from modeling; uninhibited and free. It's not just about sitting and looking pretty. It's about creativity, self- expression and being confident yourself.

S: What is your go-to party look?
D: Easy, a little black dress. I'll add some cute pumps for a pop of color and maybe some pearls.

S: We were wondering, if you were stranded on an island what is the one thing you would take with you? 
D: My cell phone! I'm always on it.

S: What is one beauty essential you carry with you at all times? 
D: Ooo, tinted lipgloss from bath and body works. I love that stuff!

S: What's you dream job?
D: I'd like to be a crime scene investigator. Mmmm, and a model. I would try to make it work. 

S: We're all about brains and beauty! We're sure you could do both! 
D: Thanks!

S: So, if we pulled up to you at a stoplight what would we hear you rocking out to? 
D: It could be anything, I love all music. Right now my favorite song is You Know You Like It by Aluna George.

S: I love that song too! 
D: It's awesome!

S: Last question, you were styled in some 70's glam items, what's your favorite era? 
D: The 90's! Good cartoons, bands, and movies. Plus, can you say scrunchies! 
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 Deadra Daye
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Photographer : David Nebe
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Styling: Tuyaymya Osuna 
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